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Minimal Prestashop version

Minimal Prestashop version

Free modules for your Prestashop store, to optimize and facilitate your daily work or even add new features.

Advantages of free Prestashop modules

  • Solve a problem easily
  • Easily bypass a limit of your host or Prestashop software
  • Test a feature in a free module before purchasing it
  • Test the quality of the modules that the agency develops
  • ...

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Why free Prestashop modules?

As a Prestashop expert agency, we contribute to the development and improvement of this Open Source e-commerce CMS. We also regularly publish modules that we have developed directly or in collaboration with other authors.
They are made available free of charge to e-retailers to help them improve their store or simply respond to a problem.

A free module does not mean that it has no value ;-)

We developed it and therefore dedicated time and expertise to create these extensions for Prestashop. Also, we often offer more elaborate versions of the free Prestashop modules as paid modules (you have to live well). That being said, many of our free modules cover the need perfectly. This is why we give those who wish the opportunity to make a donation from the product sheet.