Saving cart products for later
  • Saving cart products for later
  • Saving cart products for later
  • Saving cart products for later

Saving cart products for later


This Prestashop 1.7 and 8 module allows the customer connected, to "Save for later" product from the basket to buy them later. A feature found on major merchant sites (Amazon, Wallmart, Flipkart, Walgreens...). It increases the average basket, improves transformations over time, and offers a much appreciated user experience.


Save products for later

The "Save for Later" functionality is almost identical to the "Wishlist". However, it offers simpler and more practical functions for the user:

  • The connected customer can save basket items in a list (without having to manage a list)
  • The customer registers the items with his quantity
  • The customer saves the items with the choice of combinations
  • The list is present in the basket
  • The list is present in the space my customer account
  • Products are added or removed in 1 click without reloading the page (speed)

Benefits of laying products aside

  • It encourages customers to buy products later. For example: the amount of the basket exceeds the planned budget, the customer puts one or more products aside for his next order. When the customer returns to the site, he will strongly remind to buy these items, as the list is present with the basket.
  • Customers spend more when a merchant site offers this feature
  • Each time the customer puts a product back in the basket, he does not need to update the quantity, nor the choice of combinations (color, size, etc.).
  • You will improve the user experience by offering your customers the possibility to save products that interest them directly on the Shopping Cart page where they will always be visible and ready to be purchased (unlike products added to a wish list, which are often forgotten by user)

Works without the Buy Later module

If your customers want to remove products from their carts because they can't easily store them for later, they'll probably forget about the products altogether when they return. Worse still, they may completely abandon their shopping cart.
In other words, allowing customers to store products for later will significantly increase the overall volume of items they buy, over time.

Better than the wishlist? Not complementary

Even if there are similarities with the wishlist, this module allows a simpler and faster use for the user. At the time of validation of the order, in the basket, the customer removes the product from the basket and saves it to buy it later. All this in one click, without having to create a list and select in which list to save it.

Buy Later Module Design Features

You can configure the display according to your theme and choice:

  • Display type
    • On line
    • with the Bxslider slider
    • with the Slick slider
  • Image size
  • Icon library
    • None (character match)
    • Font Awesome
    • Material icons

Save for later Prestashop modulePrestashop Save for later module, put products aside in the cart

Save for later module in cart

Save for later in the basket.

Save for later module in personnal account
Save for later module in the customer area

Save for later Prestashop module settings

Parameters module Saved for later



Data sheet

Module type
Front office
Minimal Prestashop version
1.7.x.x & 8
fr, en, es, pt, it, pl
Responsive design
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