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List and filter orders by product / promo code
  • List and filter orders by product / promo code
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List and filter orders by product / promo code


List your orders and filter them by product reference, promo codes, product name and date.
This Prestashop module brings a solution to the problem of many merchants: how to display orders according to products or / and promo codes.
This module displays statistics according to your filter criteria. It also allows you to export the details of your orders in CSV format.
No configuration is required to fully use this statistical tool.


Display your orders according to products and / or promo code

The products by orders module for Prestashop allows you to list your orders and filter them with 6 possible filter choices. You can display the list of orders by product reference, promotional code, product name and period.

This tool aggregates different order data in a summary table. It allows merchants to perform all kinds of order statistics, based on products and promo codes.

Key figures show the total number of orders as well as the total number of products.

Export your orders by product to a csv file

You will find in your export all the important data of your table: the product references, the promotion codes, the name of the articles and their quantities sold per order and the purchase date. This allows the professional to perform, easily thanks to the Excel tool, all the statistics related to this information and thus adjust his commercial strategies.

Configuration :

This module does not require any prior configuration, you just have to install it and refresh your page.
Very easily accessible, this Prestashop module is located in the general menu of your back office in the Orders group.

Your possibilities :

  • Quickly search for all orders.
  • See the impact of a promotion campaign (one or more codes), and/or a product and/or a reference on your sales during a chosen period.
  • Adjust your commercial strategies according to the results obtained.
  • Have access to statistical data on the displayed list.
  • Access each order individually.
  • Export the list obtained in a CSV file for processing, for example in Excel.


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